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Downtown Auburn Progress May 2021

On-site work has begun on Downtown Auburn's Municipal Complex and infrastructure for the area. Here's the latest from BM&K Construction & Engineering. Regular updates will be provided as the project progresses.

Downtown Auburn Progress May 2021

Downtown Auburn Progress March 2021

On-site work has begun on Downtown Auburn's Municipal Complex and Infrastructure for the area. Here's a glimpse from BK&M Construction & Engineering's first report. Regular updates will be provided as the project progresses.

Downtown Auburn Progress March 2021

Celebrating Milestones

Thanks to HGTV and the myriad of home improvement channels available now, we have more collective understanding about what it takes to rehabilitate a house. We can see behind the scenes, what’s involved in getting a restaurant up and running. Skillful editing reveals some of the challenges, but not the weeks or months that are actually required. 

Celebrating Milestones

Visionary City Award

Auburn was honored in January as a 2021 Visionary City, by The Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) and Georgia Trend. The honor is in recognition of Auburn's "…thoughtfully planning a new downtown development that will include a new city hall, 150 homes and up to 20,000 square feet of commercial space." Just three cities were awarded in the medium category (population 5,000-24,999). 

Visionary City Award

Downtown Auburn Zoning

How do you know how a place will feel once it’s built?

In the balancing act that is creative placemaking, designing a feel, a style, has to be closely followed with zoning that allows it to happen in the intended way.

CCD Vision

City Hall Architecture

The future of Downtown Auburn will include numerous improvements with new homes and modern amenities. At the same time, there will be projects that honor our history, such as the design of the new City Municipal Complex (City Hall). 

The new home to city business offices, Court Services, Mayor & Council chambers, and the Police Department will look like the Perry-Rainey Institute’s administrative building did over 100 years ago.

City Hall Architecture

Financing Secured

Even as the pandemic pauses so many activities across the nation, Downtown Auburn’s revitalization continues to move forward. It’s in a busy, but not-so-visible phase of development. Engineering, architectural, environmental and legal work has progressed, and now financing is secured.

Mayor Blechinger, the Auburn City Council and the Downtown Development Authority voted August 11, 2020 and the Superior Court of Barrow County signed the validation order August 31st. 

City Hall Line Rendering

Infrastructure Expansion

Downtown Auburn’s revitalization requires consistent effort on many fronts to bring all the parts together in a balanced and sustainable way. There have been, and continue to be, refinements to the plans to fulfill the vision. Businesses and residents are showing interest in coming to the area. The design of the new City Hall has been determined. More images are coming into focus. 


Virtual Public Meetings

The City of Auburn invites you to participate

  • Virtual Public Meetings
  • Write on the Big Sign
  • Take the Survey

Define Our Auburn, An LCI Study Press Release

The City of Auburn has been awarded a planning grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI). Over the next six months, an updated plan will be prepared for downtown Auburn and immediately surrounding areas. TSW, an Atlanta-based planning consulting firm, has been hired to manage the process, which is being called, “Define Our Auburn, An LCI Study.”


A Downtown with Rural Character

Vibrant and Rural are terms not generally used together. Healthy downtowns are vibrant, active, busy. Yet, it’s important to honor Auburn’s rural roots – that organic character and charm. The design will influence the experience for residents and visitors. So, how to design a feel that’s both vibrant and rural? Town Urbanist, Lew Oliver does just that.

Front Porch

Auburn LCI Study creates opportunities for Downtown

The Downtown Auburn plan will be constructed with a combination of funding sources and planning processes. The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) is a key component of the funding and planning strategy.

Auburn LCI Study creates opportunities for Downtown

What’s the right size for City Hall? How do we pay for it?

From the street, it may seem like there isn’t much happening on the Downtown project. But the team is working every day on things that aren’t so visible. On March 4, 2019 the Mayor and City Council met for an extended work session to hear updates from the team and make some key decisions.

Work Session

Who's on the Downtown Team?

What's the right square footage for City Hall? How will the water and sewer lines get there? Which finance tools fit best in the market today? Working through the long list of such detail is the Downtown Auburn GA team. 


How is Downtown Happening?

The vision for Downtown Auburn includes a new City Hall complex, places for businesses to take root and grow, and new homes for residents to breathe life into the area and help support it all. So how do these things happen? Here’s an overview of what’s been done and what’s coming...

View timeline


What if we…How would it look to…Would people like…

Auburn’s vision for the downtown district began to take shape - visually - in a 3-day charrette, August 22-24, 2018. Gathering at TSW Planners, Architects and Landscape Architects headquarters in Atlanta, their professionals worked with engineers, city officials, partners, and citizens to talk through options. Sketches were then created to help illustrate the plan.


Downtown Charrette Photo Gallery

Downtown Auburn's visual image started to emerge during a 3-day charrette in August, 2018. Building on the Market Study, research was presented to help give direction to the plan. After two full days in Atlanta with discussion, drafting and adjustments, the event culminated in a big reveal presentation in Auburn.

Click on the Read More button below to view the Downtown Charrette Photo Gallery.

Alex Mitchem talking through concepts with Mayor Blechinger Chief Hodge Dave Schmit Bill Tunnell

Downtown Market Study

Auburn is a step closer to making its new downtown a reality with the presentation of the Downtown Auburn Real Estate Market Overview & Analysis on August 9, 2018. The report shared local and regional data related to population, housing, employment and other market trends and potential marketplace options for economic development. It will also be a helpful tool in targeting potential investors and businesses.

Among the key findings from the study:

  • Downtown Auburn can expect to absorb an average 25-30 new for-sale units per year
  • Majority of new homes should be priced between $200,000 and $350,000
Front Porch

Downtown - How to make it great

What makes a great place to live? Similarly to how our opinions of what is beautiful might differ from person to person, what we look for varies. But there are consistent themes.

How do we make sure Downtown Auburn is a great place?

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Dialog
  • Partnerships
Front Porch

Downtown Auburn - Why change?

So, you heard a new and improved downtown is coming to Auburn. Why? We’ll be talking about lots of reasons in the coming months, but primarily it’s about three things:

  • Growth – preparing for the future
  • Quality of Life – making sure we have the amenities that make the best place to live
  • Preservation – consciously working to keep the character that makes us love our community
Downtown Flower Street