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Start a Neighborhood Watch

Crime affects us all because it affects the environment that we live in, play and work in. This is why it is important to remember that crime prevention is everybody's business. In our communities, it is our job to be a good neighbor. Being a good neighbor means looking out for one another. Our job together is to come together and discourage criminals from coming into our neighborhoods and disrupting our peace of mind and our feeling of safety. Neighborhood Watch works but it is like any other crime prevention tool, it works when you work the program.

Please consider starting a Neighborhood Watch and or Business Watch for your area, because crime prevention is everybody's business.

Here is how to get a watch group started:

Neighborhood crime watch sign

Call the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator at 770-513-8657 ext.240

Schedule a meeting with your neighbors and invite the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and or a Crime Prevention Officer where we will provide an informative presentation on crime prevention, answer questions and provide materials for attendees.

Although it is up to each watch group to determine how often they want to meet, we encourage face to face meetings three times per year to talk about what is going on in your neighborhood.

Do you want to have a meeting but don't know of any topics to meet about? Here are a few suggestions. For more ideas or information, please contact the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator at, 770-513-8657 ext.240, or at

A Few of the Presentation Topics Available to Citizens:

  • Home Security
  • Identity Theft and Scams
  • Internet Safety
  • Investment Fraud
  • Drug Awareness
  • Firearm Safety
  • Map Your Neighborhood for emergency preparedness
  • Business Watch
  • and more!

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What is Business Watch?

Business Watch is a crime prevention program that is a collaborative effort between local businesses and the Auburn Police Department. We enlist the active participation of merchants and businessmen to partner with us to prevent and reduce crime in our City. Business Watch is a voluntary participation program and is at no cost to businesses. We will provide training and information to businesses so we can band together in crime prevention.

Training and Education Seminars Offered:

  • Employee safety
  • Workplace violence
  • Internal theft
  • Theft / Shoplifting
  • Counterfeiting
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Building security
  • Fraud
  • How to be a good witness and effectively report crimes

Deterring Criminal Activity

Business Watch is a program will provide training, advice, and information for businesses to help deter criminal activities. The information sharing will take place through mass emails on current crime trends. For example, if we are experiencing a trend of counterfeit money, we can relay the description of forgery suspects that have not yet been caught along with current money scams.

Overall Benefits

It is our intention that through education and information sharing we will reduce crime, recognize and reduce risks, and successfully catch and prosecute criminals. Not only will businesses benefit, but our community as a whole will benefit because the Auburn Police Department has more eyes and ears in the community assisting us in letting the criminals know they are not welcome and will not be tolerated.

How to Participate

If you wish to participate, please contact the Police Department at (770) 513-8657.