Community Development


The Community Development Department strives to ensure land development and zoning regulations are administered consistently with the policies and goals established by the City Council and the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

The Department assists the citizens of Auburn and its development community, the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Downtown Development Authority, and the City's elected officials.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive land-use and environmental planning, zoning and permitting services, development review, and enforcement of building, zoning, development, and environmental codes, in support of the City's vision and goals. 

Comprehensive Plan

Read the Comprehensive Plan, the community's long-range planning guide. The Comprehensive Plan consists of three basic components:

  • Community Agenda
  • Community Assessment
  • Community Participation Program

Adopted every 10 years by the Mayor and Council, the Comprehensive Plan serves as the official long-range policy for guiding future decisions concerning land use, zoning, and public facilities for the City of Auburn.

Planning and Zoning Department Documents

Forms & Applications

Variance/Special Exception/Waiver Application

Exemption Plat Application

Annexation Application

Rezoning Application