Code Enforcement Process

Code Enforcement – Angie Thompson
Phone: 770-963-4002 ext 201
Fax: 770-682-4428

Complaints can be filed via email, phone, walk-in or area inspection. Once a complaint is filed the following steps will occur:

  1. The complaint is assigned to code enforcement officer.
  2. The officer then inspects the property for the violations reported, as well as any other violations seen. If the owner is present a warning will be issued at that time, if in violation of the city’s ordinances.
  3. If the owner is not present owner research is conducted and a warning letter will be typed and mailed to the violator.
  4. Upon receipt of the warning, the owner will have a certain number of days to comply.
  5. For follow-up, the property is re-inspected. An extension may be given at this time.
  6. If the property is in compliance, the process is finished.
  7. If the property is not in compliance a citation may be issued, beginning the court process.