Opening a New Utility Account

Auburn offers water, garbage, and road services to its citizens. Opening a utility account with the City requires the lease holder or new homeowner to come in-person to City Hall. You can download a Residential Utility ApplicationSanitation Application, or a Commercial Utility Application to fill out and bring with you. Please visit our Utility Provider page to learn more. Click on our Utility Rate Chart to see an updated list of utility rates.

What You Will Need To Bring With You

We also need to make a copy of your original U.S. State driver’s license, or your original passport with a U.S. stamp and U.S. issued Visa, and your original lease agreement or settlement statement paperwork. A $100 cash deposit is required and will be credited back to your account, if maintained in good standing, after one year. 

Disconnecting a Utility Account

 For disconnecting your existing utility account, please fill out this form and bring your driver's license or official form of identification to: One Auburn Way Auburn, GA 30011 Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30.

If you are unable to deliver during business hours, you may drop your form and a color copy of your identification in a sealed envelope in the drop box located in front of City Hall.  

You may also fax a copy of your form and identification to 770-513-9255. 

For questions, please call 770-963-4002.  

Water Adjustment Request

Water Adjustment Request Form


Accounts are generally read within the first 10 days of the month and bills are posted after the 25th of each month. This creates a billing system that charges for water usage over a month and a half after the meter is read.

Example of Our Billing Structure

If the meter was previously read on March 5 and was just currently read on April 6, then the bill is for water usage for the month of March. Now the bill won’t be posted until after April 25. The bill won’t reach the residence until the last week of April and will be due by May 15. So any payment received in May for April’s bill is actually for water consumption from March. Sounds confusing, but this billing structure is followed by most utility companies.


For more information view Account and Payment Options.