Police Department

The Auburn Police Department is a full service municipal police agency committed to providing high quality law enforcement to those who live, work, and travel through the City of Auburn. The Department operates in partnership with the community to protect life and property, preserve the peace, and prevent crime and disorder.

In 2020, the Department was the first in Georgia to be awarded the GACP Risk Reduction Certificate award. This included a comprehensive review of 26 policy directives that deal with areas of high liability and risk..

Mission Statement

The Auburn Police Department is committed to serving our community through professional law enforcement services that protect the lives and property of the citizens and strives to improve the quality of life in our community.



We will treat all members of our department with loyalty and respect.


We accept individual responsibility and accountability for our actions and decisions, at all times.


We are dedicated to protecting the rights of people.


We are committed to excellence in our professional and personal conduct.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Police Check My House While I Am On Vacation?

Yes, fill out the Extra Patrol Request Form.

How Do I Obtain a Copy of a Police or Accident Report?

Come to the Auburn Police Department anytime Monday through Friday from 9am until 4:30 pm. You may also contact the police department at 770-513-8657 ext. 219.

Can I Pay My Ticket Without Coming to Court?

Yes, follow the Pay Traffic Ticket link to make online payment.

Does the Police Department Offer GCIC Background Checks?

Yes, you can request your own background check in person by coming to the police department and showing a Georgia photo ID. No third party GCIC backgrounds checks are allowed. Then cost is $15.00.

Does the Police Department Provide a "Safe Transaction Zone" for Sales Transactions of Items Initiated Online? 

Yes, the police department has a lobby area and a well-lit parking area in front of the department which is an excellent safe area for transactions.


1361 4th Ave
Auburn, GA 30011


Phone: 770-513-8657
Fax: 770-682-4428