Downtown Development Authority


The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and Main Street Board of Directors was created for the revitalization and redevelopment of Downtown Auburn and the development and promotion of commerce, industry, and employment opportunities.

The Auburn Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors appointed by the City Council and managed by a full-time employee. Board members are committed to the improvement and revitalization of downtown Auburn. The board establishes both the short-term and long-term vision and serves to accomplish those defined objectives.

The DDA is empowered under State law to:

  • Borrow money
  • Enter into contracts
  • Provide loans
  • Purchase property
  • Receive grants and gifts
  • Sell revenue bonds

Downtown Development Authority/ Main Street Board Members: 

Bel Outwater - Chair
Tina Parks - Vice Chair
Cameron Whitehead - Secretary
Susan Long
Tina Nix
Mayda Brown
Massa Williams

The Auburn Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a public body created by the City of Auburn for the purpose of promoting a climate favorable for the growth of new and existing businesses in our downtown. Goals of the DDA are directed toward planning and management of development and improvement activities, business recruitment and retention activities, events, and capital improvement projects. The board also serves as the facilitator of Auburn’s small business incubator - The Whistlestop Shops.

The Auburn DDA advocates for downtown and supports downtown businesses in terms of:

  • Acting as a liaison with city, county and state officials on behalf of downtown;
  • Assisting property owners with improvement projects;
  • Funding and managing downtown beautification programs (benches, planters, public streetscape improvements, redevelopment of public spaces, etc.);
  • Actively recruiting businesses that complement the business mix and generate pedestrian traffic;
  • Hosting programs on business recruitment incentive programs and other topics that support entrepreneurs and existing businesses;
  • Addressing downtown challenges and implementing short-term solutions while considering long-term infrastructure improvements.