Business Licenses

Obtaining an Occupational Tax Certificate

Prior to submitting an application for a new tax certificate, please verify that your business location is in the Auburn city limits. Contact the Planning Department at (770) 963-4002 ext. 206 to verify your property location and any zoning requirements.

Occupational Tax Application 

You may submit your application via email 

Guide to obtaining an Occupational Tax Certificate and opening a business.

Renewing your Occupational Tax Certificate

Every business in the City of Auburn must apply, each year, for an occupational tax certificate (formerly referred to as a business license). Annual certificates expire on Dec. 31st and renewals are due by Jan.1st of the new year. If you already have a City of Auburn occupational tax certificate, the City will contact you in late November or early December to renew for the following year.

Occupational Tax Renewal Application

Licensed Professionals

Certain licensed professionals (including architects, doctors, and engineers, among others) may elect to pay a flat fee. As regulated by the State of Georgia, banks should use form PT440 to obtain their Business License.

Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.)

A certificate of occupancy may be necessary if your business is new, changing names, changing ownership, or moving to a new location within the City limits. This certificate is required before you may legally occupy your building, obtain your business license, and conduct business operations. Contact the Community Development Department at (770) 963-4002 ext. 206 for information on how to obtain a C.O.

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The process for obtaining the certificate of occupancy (C.O.) takes seven business days. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the License & Permit Department at (770) 963-4002 ext. 206.

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