Uniform Patrol

Our Main Goal

The Uniform Patrol Division is the primary and largest division of the Police Department with emphasis placed on community commitment towards the citizens in which we protect and serve.

Primary Functions

The Police Department also works closely with the surrounding agencies to accomplish these goals to ensure the safety of all who live in and travel through the City on a daily basis. This Division has two primary functions that are broken down into categories, patrol and traffic enforcement.

Shifts of Department Personnel

This division consists of four, 12-hour shifts that take where officers take turns working in two-day increments with the exception of the weekends, (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), when personnel work in three-day increments every other weekend. The uniform division consist of an A, B, C, and D shift with a minimum of four department personnel working per shift which include command officers, patrol officers, and support services personnel. However the department can on average have six to eight personnel working during any given shift.