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Public Information Hearing EPD/Auburn/Winder Drinking Water Storage and Production Capabilities

Event Location

City of Auburn Council Chambers
Start Date

9/24/2018 06:30 PM
End Date

9/24/2018 08:30 PM
Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) and the Cities of Auburn and Winder will host a public information meeting on the Cities’ proposal to increase their drinking water storage and production capabilities.

As described in more detail below, this project has a significant number of features.  The purpose of the meeting is to ensure that the public has an opportunity to learn about the project, to learn about the applicable environmental regulations, and to get answers to project related questions from officials with EPD and the Cities of Auburn and Winder.  This is a public information meeting only.  It is not an official EPD permitting public hearing.  EPD has not released any draft permits for public notice and comment yet.

The public meeting will be held at the following time and location:

Monday, September 24, 2018 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm, Auburn City Court, 1359 4th Ave, Auburn, Georgia 30011


6:30 pm - 6:40 pm: Sign In

6:40 pm – 7:00 pm:  Cities of Auburn and Winder presentations on the project

7:00 pm – 7:15 pm:  EPD presentation of applicable environmental regulations

7:15 pm – 8:00 pm:  Breakout tables by subject area for more detailed information and opportunity for questions

Breakout Tables:

1.    City of Auburn

2.    City of Winder

3.    EPD Water Withdrawal Permitting and Stream Buffer Variance Officials

4.    EPD Drinking Water Permitting Officials

5.    EPD Wastewater Permitting, Industrial Storm Water Permitting, and Surface Mining Permitting Officials (related to adjacent Martin Marietta operations)

Project Summary:

The central part of this project is to convert an existing closed rock quarry owned by the City of Auburn (Martin Marietta quarry located at 301 Parks Mill Rd., Auburn, Georgia 30011) into a raw water storage reservoir along with new water withdrawals from Rock Creek, Mulberry River, and Little Mulberry River.  The Auburn portion of the project is expected to meet drinking water needs through 2065.  The Winder portion of the project is expected to meet drinking water needs through 2035.  Total new water supply capacity is 4.59 MGD.  While quarry activities in this particular pit have ceased, Martin Marietta will maintain aggregate mining and processing operations on adjacent property that remain subject to EPD regulatory requirements.

Project Details:

The Auburn project will include the following elements:

Ø Two Gravity Intakes on Rock Creek just downstream of Parks Mill Road;

Ø Thirty six percent of the joint Raw Water Storage Pond (RWSP) storage capacity, ex-quarry;

Ø RWSP Pumping Station and Pipeline, 1.59 million gallons per day (MGD);

Ø Chemical Feed Building;

Ø Drinking Water Treatment Plant located on Auburn property (1.0 MGD);

Ø High Service Pumping Station and Water Distribution Mains; and

Ø Residuals Management System.


The Winder project will include the following elements:

Ø Intake on Mulberry River at Covered Bridge Road with pumping station;

Ø Intake on Little Mulberry River at Old Thompson Mill Road (Highway 211) with pumping station;

Ø Raw water pipeline from the Intakes to the Raw Water Storage Pond; the pipeline will be about 30,000 feet long and 24 to 30 inches in diameter;

Ø Sixty four percent of the Raw Water Storage Pond storage capacity, ex-quarry;

Ø RWSP pumping station; 3.0 million gallons per day capacity for 12 months; and

Ø Transfer pipeline to the existing Winder Highway 53 Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP); the pipeline is 24 inches in diameter and about 44,000 feet long.


Contact Information:

For further information regarding EPD regulatory issues, please contact Jac Capp of the Georgia EPD Watershed Protection Branch at or (404) 463-4911.

For further information regarding the projects planned by the Cities of Auburn and Winder, please contact:

=         Jim Aton, Project Engineer, at 770-923-1600 or, or

=         Roger Wilhelm, Utility Director, at (770) 867-7978 or or

=         Alex Mitchem, City Administrator, at (770) 963-4002 or

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Alex Mitchem
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